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What motivates home care workers and P.A’s ?

What motivates home care workers and P.A’s ?

What motivates home care workers and P.A’s ?

Being a care worker can be a very challenging career choice, it is hard work, unsocial hours, and the pay just doesn’t compare very well to blue collar work ! So, why do people want to do it ?


It’s simply one of the most rewarding and self fulfilling career choices. Care workers spend time giving to the most vulnerable people in our communities, they support families to stay together, give older people the choice to remain in their homes and young people with learning and physical disabilities the chance to lead an independent life.


How many people go home at the end of the day knowing that they have made a real difference to somebodies life and how they choose to live it ? Our team does.


At the Abbots and PA Care we employ a wide range of people  from many different backgrounds, cultures, religions and ages.  We consider that everone has potential to be a care worker, they simply need the right approach, be open to a training and development and be willing to learn.


Some of our team have always been in care and others have come to us later in life having pursued  careers in Journalism, Project Management, banking and Finance, Retail and Sales.  Age isn’t a barrier either, our youngest team member is 19 and our eldest 67 ( this lady supports some of our Service Users that are younger than her !)


If you are thinking of a career change and would like to think about care work, come and join us at Abbots Care.



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