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  • Richard

    We have never had such a large amount of support from a Live In care Agency before, thank you.

  • Richard

    really efficient, obliges no matter what. Want to stay with agency. Very, very happy.

  • Richard

    Jean is very good, takes us out all the time shopping and appointments.

  • Richard

    All the girls that have come into our lives are lovely, every one of them. You provide great training too. I wouldn’t trust the care of our child to anyone else.


Gastrostomy Care

PA Care are experts in gastrostomy care and gastrostomy feeding and we are dedicated to helping each person to enjoy lives that are as independent, active, and fulfilled as possible.

We have regularly supported people who have a tube surgically implanted directly into the stomach (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy, or PEG, tube) for feeding purposes, since 1996. We set up individual client, nurse led training, and then assess and monitor the support that we give.

For more information about our gastrostomy care do call us on 01727 891004 or email us now.

What is included with our gastrostomy care services?

Our market leading gastrostomy care is an affordable alternative to moving into a care home. People continue to live at home but with full time help always on hand.

Our gastrostomy care includes:

  • A gastrostomy care plan tailored to individual needs
  • Care, support and companionship
  • Help with personal care and household tasks
  • Full time care provided by a live in carer who lives in the home 24/7

What is gastrostomy?

Gastrostomy refers to a surgical opening into the stomach. Creation of an artificial external opening into the stomach for nutritional support or gastrointestinal compression. Typically this would include an incision in the patient’s epigastrium as part of a formal operation. It can be performed through surgical approach, percutaneous approach by interventional radiology, or percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG).

The opening may be used for feeding, such as with a gastrostomy tube.


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