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Funding your own care – government announces social care cap? But what about homecare?

Funding your own care – government announces social care cap? But what about homecare?

The government have announced that there will be a social care cap set at £75,000 and the means-tested threshold will rise to £123,000. That means that once an individual has contributed these figures towards their care the government will provide all further costs.


If someone is assessed by their local authority as having eligible care needs, they will be told how much it will cost the local authority to meet those needs with local services. These costs will count towards their cap. So, however great a person’s costs become, once they have reached the cap the state will step in and provide financial support.


People of working age who develop care needs before retirement age will benefit from a cap that’s lower than £75,000. People who have care needs before they turn 18 will effectively have their cap set at zero.


However the focus of the Department of Health announcement has concentrated on residential care and not homecare. It is unclear whether the social care cap will include more than just personal care, or will also cover services that allow older people to stay in their own homes such as shopping, help with medication and household management.


Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said:


“This is a watershed moment for our country. For too long, the issue of social care has been ducked by successive governments, leading to an unfair system that has seen people selling their homes and losing nearly everything they’ve worked for to pay for their care. With us, that unfairness is ending.


At Abbots and PA Care we are hopeful that the government will go further to secure a cap for people who choose to stay live at home and receive individualized support.


If you need any advice on funding care in your own home call the Abbots and PA Care team on 01727 891004

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