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  • Richard

    We have never had such a large amount of support from a Live In care Agency before, thank you.

  • Richard

    really efficient, obliges no matter what. Want to stay with agency. Very, very happy.

  • Richard

    Jean is very good, takes us out all the time shopping and appointments.

  • Richard

    All the girls that have come into our lives are lovely, every one of them. You provide great training too. I wouldn’t trust the care of our child to anyone else.


The Role Of A Personal Care Assistant

What is a Personal Assistant?

  • A personal assistant is someone who can help to support a client with their social care needs.
  • A personal assistant will help to support the client to live their day to day life as normal as possible and assist the individual to take part in everyday activities that others take for granted.

What can a Personal Assistant help you with?

There are a very wide variety of tasks that the personal assistant may be required to carry out ranging from the more basic aspects of care such as helping to get someone washed and dressed and carrying out household tasks such as cleaning or shopping to social help and support such as accompanying the person on a holiday.

The tasks that a personal assistant will be asked to carry out depend entirely on the requirements of the individual.

A Personal Assistant may be required to;

  • Help with personal care tasks including eating, washing, dressing, toileting, changing pads
  • Prepare meals
  • Carry out household tasks such as cleaning, laundry or gardening
  • Help with shopping
  • Assist a person to attend college or work.
  • Drive a person to wherever they need to go.
  • Assist to arranging other travel
  • Help a person to participate in hobbies or holidays.
  • Assist with paying bills or other household management
  • Help a person to gain access to a doctor, dentist or hospital appointment

How long can my Personal Assistant spend with me?

A personal assistant may be required for any length of time. This will depend on individual needs and can range from an hour each day, a visit once a week, more frequent visits or even in some cases to live in.

What qualities should a Personal Assistant have?

A personal assistant should be;

  • fit and healthy enough to carry out all tasks required
  • reliable and honest
  • good at listening and communicating
  • Imaginative and creative.
  • willing to learn new skills
  • proficient in basic reading, writing and numeracy skills

In addition a Personal Assistant should be able to;

  • supply support for basic care needs
  • relate well to others
  • work well with others
  • work unsocial hours.
  • work independently and manage their time well
  • manage stressful situations and deal with them calmly

What training is a Personal Assistant required to complete?

Personal assistants employed by care organisations should have completed mandatory training covering a minimum of:

  • Safeguarding
  • First aid
  • Food hygiene
  • Moving and handling
  • Infection control

They should also be trained further to meet individual needs.

If a personal assistant works directly for the client, they still need to ensure that they are trained to the minimum levels required.

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks

  • Any personal assistant who is employed through an agency or any other care organisation is required by law to have a CRB check.
  • If a personal assistant is employed directly, it is advisable that they still have a full criminal record check carried out.

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