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Call For Home Care Cuts To Be Reversed

Call For Home Care Cuts To Be Reversed

Prime Minister David Cameron has been urged to reverse cuts in funding which has left thousands of vulnerable pensioners stripped of care services.

Mike PadghamThe plea comes from the United Kingdom Homecare Association Ltd (UKHCA) of which Abbots Care is a member.

UKHCA has joined a chorus of critics following a damning report from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission – Close to Home – which criticized councils for ignoring the human rights of the elderly by providing shockingly poor levels of home care.

The 115-page report, which has already caused huge debate throughout the country, calls for a number of recommendations to be implemented. Click here to view or download the report.

Mike Padgham, Chair of UKHCA said:” Government must take the opportunity to rectify chronic under-funding in the immediate and long term.

“Unless some radical decisions are taken, the quality of homecare is going to suffer and examples like those found by the Equality and Human Rights Commission will become more common.

“Neither agencies, nor their care workers, wish to see this happen. Older people need protection from the indignity caused by increasing shortage of funds.”

UKHCA has also invited Care Services Minister, Paul Burstow, and every director of adult social services, to work with a homecare agency that provides council-funded care, to help them understand why services are becoming hurried and undignified.

Mr. Padgham says although training and inspections are vital it is only “proper funding by councils that will really address the situation and enable employers to provide properly-trained, rewarded and motivated staff, who can provide timely and compassionate care to people who need it.”

Francis McGlone, Senior Policy Officer 
of UKHCA added:“Examples of poor practice in the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report on homecare are deeply troubling.

“The dignity, quality and safety of older and disabled service users are being placed at risk from council cut-backs.

“Research by the United Kingdom Homecare Association this year found that over three-quarters of councils had either reduced the amount of time they allowed for care or had reduced the number of visits to people who receive care.

“Without resolving these issues, standards in homecare will not improve and even more older people will be left without the care they so desperately need.”

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