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  • Richard

    We have never had such a large amount of support from a Live In care Agency before, thank you.

  • Richard

    really efficient, obliges no matter what. Want to stay with agency. Very, very happy.

  • Richard

    Jean is very good, takes us out all the time shopping and appointments.

  • Richard

    All the girls that have come into our lives are lovely, every one of them. You provide great training too. I wouldn’t trust the care of our child to anyone else.


Brain Injury Care

PA Care are a passionate advocate of brain injury care and we are dedicated to helping each person to enjoy lives that are as independent, active, and fulfilled as possible.

We recognise that once a person who has suffered brain injury is stable, they will need assistants who understand the need for rehabilitation. We are aware that brain cells do not regenerate when they are destroyed, but they are able to reorganise themselves to some extent and new nerve pathways can be helped to develop. We are experienced in helping people to engage in the activities that they require, fulfilling support needs and working alongside other disciplines to minimise the long-term impact of the brain injury.

For more information about our brain injury do call us on 01727 891004 or email us now.

What is included with our brain injury care services?

Our market leading brain injury care is an affordable alternative to moving into a care home. People continue to live at home but with full time help always on hand.

Our brain injury care includes:

  • Care, support and companionship
  • Help with personal care and household tasks
  • A brain injury care plan tailored to individual needs
  • Full time care provided by a live in carer who lives in the home 24/7

What is brain injury?

Brain injury can be defined as an injury of the brain regardless of age at onset. A brain injury can result in a substantial handicap to the person who sustained the brain injury and can cause various forms of cognitive impairments such as attention, memory or motor disorder.

A brain injury can also include any injury that is vascular and where no external factor has directly created the injury. A brain injury is different from a traumatic brain injury as the later occurs when an outside force injures the brain in a traumatic fashion.


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