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Ben’s Blog about Abbots and Pa Care

Ben’s Blog about Abbots and Pa Care


Ben has been a long standing customer of Abbots and PA Care, around 12 years.  He is great at always giving us lots of feedback on how we can do things better,  so we asked him to give us his view of our recent Christmas party and AGM. Here it is:


Ben’s Blog

Hi, my name’s Ben and I am 29 although by the time you read this I’ll be 30 as it’s my birthday very soon. Just before Christmas, Abbots and PA care had their Christmas party and I went along as usual with my carer. Carers from Abbots Care have been taking me out since I was a young lad and I always try to go to the Christmas party. It gives me an excuse to put on my suit (my carer had never seen me looking so smart!) and see all the people I have got to know over the years.


This year I took lots of pictures at the party and, although everyone said I was pointing the camera in the wrong places, I think you’ll agree that they came out very well.  These are some of the managers at Abbots Care who are always happy to pick up the phone to me if there is something I want to discuss.








This is me with [C]amille. I like this picture cause I’m showing off my James Bond pose.





As usual there was lots of lovely food (although I am on a diet these days) and a magician to entertain the children that were there. I spoke to the magician and told him that I know all the managers at Abbots Care and that I would make sure that I got his picture on their website. So here it is.




I love going out with my carers as it gives me the opportunity to get out to the shops and buy all my favourite things. Sometimes they take me swimming or to the gym or the cinema. If one of my regular carers can’t make it Abbots always find someone else to take me out and I’ve got to know lots of people this way.


It would be great if everyone else could blog and tell us what they do with their carers, just in case there’s anything I’m missing out on.

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