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7 top tips on how to manage your PA’s and avoid conflict

7 top tips on how to manage your PA’s and avoid conflict

Many of our customers tell us that they find employing and managing PA’s difficult at times. Often they feel that they cannot discuss concerns and issues that arise without it effecting the working relationship. At Abbots and PA Care we have managed more than 3000 PA’s and care workers over the last 17 years, here are 10 top tips:


1. Be clear from the start about what you want from your PA. Have a clear job description and person specification.


2. Recruit carefully using the job description and person specification. Ensure you vett the PA/ care worker thoroughly; referneces and CRB.


3. Once you have a good PA/ care worker have clear terms and conditions of employment, make sure they agree and sign them – you both know where you stand.


4. Organise monthly 121 sessions where you can both discuss issues and concerns. Talk about what went well and where there are areas for development.


5.  At your 121 meetings go through the key areas on the job description and check that your PA is performing to the standards you require.


6. Make sure to offer your PA/ Care worker training to keep thier skills and knowledge up to date. Quite often bad pracrtice is down to lack of knowledge.


7. If your PA does something that you are very unhappy about which needs addressing straight away,  don’t wait for the 121 session address the problem immediately.


At Abbbots and PA care we can support our customers with recruitment, training, and management of your PA’s.

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